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What Keeps You Warm

by Will Deely

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released August 7, 2015



all rights reserved


Will Deely Columbus, Ohio

Will Deely is a songwriter from Columbus, Ohio.

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Track Name: Sometimes
I’m not sure where my life is taking me
It’s unclear for me to see
The direction I have to go

My compass has broke
As I walk through the snow
I pace these city streets alone

And sometimes I wonder if I’ll be alright
Using streets and power lines as my guide
To the happiness in my life

My friends all have it figured out
They made a plan, followed through and here I am
Behind all of them

My compass has broke
As I walk through the snow
I pace these city streets alone

(chorus) x2
Track Name: Badge Of Honor
You’re a wreck, and everybody knows it
You’re obsessed with the thought of getting undressed
go ahead, stain your teeth
on another glass of bitter red
I’ll sit back and watch instead
just how you’ll make a fool of yourself again

You wear your shame like a badge of honor
no matter where you go, I know that you’re falling apart
and then you’ll burst at the seams from the feelings you can’t cheat
and even though it’s all your fault I’ll still say that I’m sorry

You don’t know where to go, but you won’t go home
Feeling sorry for yourself is all you ever do
I’ll put my thoughts down in a verse
You grab the lip gloss from your purse
find yourself inside a bottle once again
drink yourself under the table
slip into someone else’s bed
never met, but here you are trying to justify your sins

and I can’t believe what I’m seeing
You’re so rehearsed like this is your passion


That you needed more of everything that no one would ever give to you
So lay your penance down
cause this is not the only version of yourself

Track Name: Souvenir
I know it’s late and
I’m just trying to figure out just who you’re spending all your time with
Cause i know you’re not asleep
And i’m sure he knows the words
And puts them into phrases that dig straight into your heart
And I can’t sleep at the thought of it
Cant sleep at the thought of you
If you knew what was good for you
And even better for me

So stay alone
Call me up, we’ll take the long way home so you can sober up
I hope i’m who you’re thinking of
Cause when your heads a mess, my mind is set
on the gold that’s buried in your chest and
I would like to take it as a souvenir
for the rest of my life my dear.

We spend our days apart
We spend our nights together parked
anywhere we could find some conversation
You kick your feet up on the dash
spill every secret that you had
it would last until your phone would ring then you were gone again
and the thought of it just makes me sick
and I know you’re better


So tell me your plans
tell me everything that you haven’t yet
cause you haven’t yet
so quit playing games
quit rolling the dice with this
cause you have me

Track Name: What Keeps You Warm
Put all my pennies on a railroad track
to prove that anything can change
whether you’re human or made out of stone with a hammer
a few minutes pass and I hear the train
I turn my back and walk away without my change
didn’t need it anyway

cause a few flattened pieces of copper and zinc
can’t represent the same pain that I feel each week
when I think about the blood i’ve lost and heartache I bare
I sure miss the invincibility of being unaware and I


I wouldn’t wish this on anyone
The price that we pay to be here each day and I
hope you stay warm.

I just got back from a long trip out west
found some peace of mind somewhere in the rockies
heard my grandfathers voice whispering to me
couldn’t tell what he was saying
but he seemed alright
the way his words fell off his lips I think he said
growing ups not about losing ones that you love
so think less about yourself and more of the ones that you trust
with your heart, if I could restart
Grandfather of mine whose name that I carry
do you have an ounce of strength that you think you could spare me
cause I have no faith at all
In anyone or anything and I’m scared, yeah I’m so scared

Track Name: Summer Day
I need a summer day to make everything okay
I need your hand in my hand
it doesn’t quite fit but we’ll make it
I never liked my thumb on the outside

and we’ll head to the lake
after midnight since your dad’s still awake
we’ll fight about all the boys that are calling you, and loving you

I need a summer day
I need a summer day

I know at times it can be hard
away at school while i’m out playing this guitar
I know it’s probably a waste of time

and the nights that you spend alone
are they worth it to you anymore
three more days till I get home
who knows for how long

You’re the reason that I come home
You are the reason that I come home
Cause I was alone, thought I was better off
But you came and proved me wrong
So say
Say you’ll stay

So what do you say we wait
for the sun to come out and blow these gray clouds away
will you stand next to me
for just another summer day.